TOP Jewelry Sets

Crystal Dynasty Necklace & Earrings ($129.95 )
Dramatic necklace and earrings made with Cubic Zirconia

CZ Floral Gold Necklace ($69.95)
A gorgeous gold floral design necklace made of fiery Cubic Zirconia.

CZ Floral Fantasy Jewelry ($69.95 )
A gorgeous floral design necklace made of Genuine Cubic Zirconia.

Petite Floret Jewelry Set ($59.95)
A delicate floral set made of genuine Cubic Zirconia.

CZ Pendant Jewelry Set ($29.95)
A modern jewelry set that is both simple and elegant

Tiffany Heart Jewelry Set ($39.95)
Stunning cubic zirconia encrusted heart pendant & earrings

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