8 NEW REASONS 2 SHOP at GlamourJewellery.com


1. GIFT CARDS - sometimes you just don't know what to get. Gift Cards make shopping easy!
2. SAFE & SECURE - as Canada's largest online store, security is our priority!
3. FREE GIFT NOTIFICATION - when you purchase a gift subscription, we send a gift notification via e-mail to your gift recipient at no cost to you.
4. FREE SHIPPING - sometimes shipping charges can end up costing as much as the gift. At GlamourJewellery.com, shipping is free.
5. 100% SATISFACTION - GlamourJewellery.com has a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you are not 100% satisfied we will refund you your money! Please see our Privacy Policy.
6. GREAT SAVINGS - items are discounted, up to 50% off of list price.In addition, some orders are free of sale tax, and may also qualify for free shipping.
7. CORPORATE ACCOUNTS - complete a credit application. GlamourJewellery.com will notify you within 2 days.
8. A GREAT SHOPPING EXPERIENCE - ease of use, simple search, guarantee your security & privacy GlamourJewellery.com strives to make your online shopping experience simple, safe, and effective. We aim to make the process of searching for and purchasing your items user-friendly and intuitive, and we have implemented policies that guarantee your security & privacy.