Different types of pearl necklaces used in wedding jewelry

The various lengths of pearl necklaces include the dog collar, choker, princess, matinee, and opera. A dog collar is made up of several strands of pearls stacked up on the neck. A necklace that rests at the base of the throat is termed a choker. A princess-length necklace rests above the bustline. A matinee-length necklace rests below the bustline. An opera length necklace falls around the waistline. A lavaliere is a pendant on a necklace.

Matching bracelets

Bracelets can be worn with sleeveless, short-sleeve, and three-quarter sleeve gowns. You can combine a bracelet with gloves as a dramatic accessory worn over tight-fitted gloves. Most watches are not appropriate wedding jewelry for the bride or her maids.


A button earring accentuates a round face. A dangle earring widens a narrow face. A squared earring adds interest to a long face.

Jewelry for bridesmaids

Most bridesmaid ensembles can be enhanced with earrings and perhaps a necklace or bracelet. All maids should wear the exact same jewelry.

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