With pearl's popularity growing back dramatically, a traditional white pearl strand becomes a kind of must-have jewellery in each woman's wardrobe. Surprise her by giving her a piece of pearl jewellery as a special gift becomes such a romantic thing for a man to do.

However, when we imagine that we must look for a computer game for our boyfriends, we understand how hard it is for guys to find the right jewellery for their lovers.

As the fans of pearls, working in the pearl jewellery industry, we would like to give you some great ideas... Start from learning some basic knowledge of pearl quality and then, find out the style she likes.

Always remember:

1. Nacre of the pearl
2. Surface
3. Luster
4. Shape
5. Size

A good quality pearl is always thick in nacre, smooth in surface, high in luster, and round in shape and big in size. However, shape, size and color are more for personal preference.

If you are looking for a strand, you also need to pay attention to its matching. Lay the strand into a straight line. Compare the size, color, surface, shape and luster of each pearl. A good match in these aspects results in a good strand.

Pearl jewellery style

When you are deciding the style, there are so many aspects to consider, such as color, pearl size and shape, pearl strand or designed pearl necklace, etc.

You may pay attention to the clothes and jewellery she often wears.

If you have already got some ideas but not so sure, you may seek for a chance to tactfully find out her ideas. For example, she is reading a fashion magazine, and you come to sit next to her and pretend you accidentally see a celebrity picture, then you make a fake commend, such as "This necklace is too big for her! I think a pink smaller one is better, what do you think?" or "I think this necklace looks better on you!" Women are always excited to talk about fashion. When you seem to be interested in it, she will patiently give you a full lesson about all her ideas of fashion - from blouses to shoes. In the end, you may skip most of the lesson, but pick up the information you want - which style of pearl jewellery she likes.

If you still have no idea, go to shop around. Ask the store assistant to show you some feminine style of pearl necklaces or bracelets. Feminine style is universal because it is always suitable for weddings, birthday, anniversary.

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