Fine jewelry should be cleaned regularly. There are three good habits to develop that will guarantee that your bridal jewelry will bring you pleasure for many years:
1) get a habit of removing your wedding jewelry before activities that could result to a hard blow to the stone and cause damage.
2) Always put your wedding jewelry on last. Hairsprays and cosmetics contain chemicals that could cause damage, especially to cultured pearls.
3) Store fine jewelry in a soft pouch or in separate compartments of a jewelry box.
4) Store beaded necklaces flat is highly recommended to reduce stretching

Always check with your jeweler on the best cleaning methods for your jewelry. In most cases mild soap and water also works well. NOTE: Never use a soap and water solution with: amber, coral, emerald, jade, kunzite, lapis, lazuli, opal, pearl, or turquoise.

Your jeweler should provide you with an instruction for caring for your pearls. Do not use soap and water to clean them or an ultra sonic cleaner. You should wipe pearls with a soft cloth after wear. It is good to wear pearls regularly. They need the exposure to air and moisture to maintain their luster. Leave them on the bathroom counter when you are showering. The steam from the shower is good for them. If your pearls are stored in a safe deposit box, or not worn that often, it is a good practice to keep a vial of water in the box.

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