The first consideration in selecting your wedding jewellery is deciding whether your wedding will be casual or formal.Casual weddings do not always mean casual jewellery, but the jewellery tends to be more simple. For formal weddings, we recommend something more spectacular which enhances your traditional bridal ensemble and makes you feel stunning on your special day.

Consider your wedding gown's neckline when deciding what type of jewellery to wear. Most gowns have a low or open neckline. This is perfect for accenting with an extravagant necklace and simple earrings. However, if your wedding gown has a high or closed neckline or the gown has a heavily beaded neckline or straps, forego the necklace and wear a striking pair of earrings instead. This is especially relevant if your hair is in an updo.


Using a colour theme allows your wedding to have a distinctive and individual look and enhances the overall glamour of the occasion. For example, if your wedding colour theme is pink, bring it out in the bridal ensemble by adding a touch of the soft pink tone using pink crystals or pearls to your necklace or earrings.


Every bride needs "Something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue." Add the "something blue" and "something new" by using soft light blue crystals in your jewellery. The delicate hues of these stones will give you a look that is unique and light.


True natural pearls are a beautiful, warm, off-white colour, not the bright white of the faux pearls that are widely available in bridal boutiques and they provide a stunning accent to any wedding dress. Faux or glass pearls are a less expensive option, but one boutique's "white" or "ivory" will be different from another's.

For a unique jewellery option, use coloured pearls. From delicate, champagne, gold, pink, to a rich gold or purple, pearls can provide a stunning accent to a wedding dress or to any bridal party. Coloured pearls combined with clear or coloured crystals make a striking combination.


The key to wearing chunky pearls or beads is not to over-accessorize the rest of the outfit. If you have on a major belt, stay away from a big necklace, and don’t wear a huge earring with the huge necklace. Choose your statement and wear it.

Do not reserve pearls only for cocktail dresses or suites. While that’s a classic look, pearls look more youthful when paired with a T-shirt.

Pearls work for every budget because, as lovely as the very expensive Tahitian pearls are.

They can be great looking and acceptable whether you are a liberal or a conservative.

Women with small features should wear small-scale beads – maybe multiple strands – while women with larger features can wear the larger beads.

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