How can you distinguish real pearls from the fake ones? To find out the difference, you can put the "pearl" in your mouth and slosh it softly across your teeth. Does it feel very smooth? If it does, it's fake. The real thing feels slightly gritty.

There are other ways to test the pearls and one of the most reliable is to x-ray them. Just take them into a certified Gemologist and heave them do the testing. What you are looking for is round sphere and pockets within the pearl. Also, there are a few tests, which can help you to figure out whether your pearls are real.

1. Rub the pearls lightly across upper front teeth. Real pearls: should feel gritty or sandy. Fake: will feel smooth.

2. Examine the surface of the pearls with a magnifying glass. Real: appears unusually fine-grained. Fake: may appear grainy.

3. Drill a hole in the Pearls: The examine the hole with a magnifying glass. Real: The edges of the hole in real pearls are smooth and sharp. Fake: The holes in fake pearls may appear bumpy or ragged.

4. Weight: Bounce the pearls in your hand. Real: feels heavy to hold. Fake: should feels unusually light, unless they are solid glass beads.

5. Flaws: Examine the pearls for flaws and blemishes. Real: will have at least minimal flaws. Fake: If they appear absolutely flawless they are most likely fake pearls.

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