Here are some hot jewellery design tips for Summer/Fall 2009 - courtesy of Veronika Melnyk, a professional jewellery designer and instructor.

For all of you who are busy with your own home jewellery businesses I thought of some tips on the key trends that might be helpful.

As always we must begin with the colours.
There are 3 important colours for the season:

1. BLACK & WHITE. I believe using fabric wrapped beads, printed ceramic, and glass beads that are imperfect is a great way to achieve a crisp, but natural look for this palette.
2. YELLOW & CORAL is the warm pallet this season.
3. AMAZONITE GREENS & TRANSLUCENT TURQUOISE look great for a cool spring palette.

Try mixing matte and shiny beads for a beachy feeling. Touches of raffia for texture make a nice contrast, and using a brown or natural material to ground the colours is a new way to do blue.

• Seed beads
• Chunky wooden beads
Swarovski crystals
Freshwater pearls
• Citrine
• Amethyst
• Garnet
• Quartz
• Printed and painted shell

Good luck with designing your own jewelry collections, and do not forget to stop in for more inspiration at!