Angelina Jolie launches ‘The Style of Jolie’ Jewelry Collection

If you love to keep up with the latest fashion and are somewhat of a jewelry lover like me, then surely Angelina Jolie’s jewelry must be something that would always leave you awed. She has a very classy taste in jewelry and this can very well be seen by each piece of jewelry that she is seen wearing. The emerald earrings that she wore at the Oscars became an instant rage among jewelry loving women.

Jolie diamond choker from the tourist

Angelina Jolie recently collaborated with her friend and famous jewelry designer Robert Procop to put forth ‘The Style of Jolie’ jewelry collection. The proceeds of the sale would go to her foundation to help the Children of Conflict.

'The Style of Jolie' Jewelry Collection

The collection includes Diamond Choker that Jolie wore in The Tourist, green beryl earrings that she wore at the NYC premier, and many other fine gemstone jewelry.

Jolie had partnered with Robert Procop in past when Brad Pitt and she had produced the 'Protector collection at Asprey’.

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