Jay Leno does a fire test to Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring

Now here is something one doesn’t get to hear about often. Jay Leno had an interesting experiment with Kim Kardashian’s ring. Kim’s 20.5 carat diamond engagement ring has been all over in news and since lot of people couldn’t digest the hugeness of the rock they started calling it faux.

Kim Kardashian at The Tonight Show 

Finally, to put an end to all such stories, Jay Leno in ‘The Tonight Show’ put her engagement ring on a fire test. Kim even asked Jay to sign a contract that he would pay the insurance if something happens to the ring. And he convinced her that if the diamonds are real, nothing would happen to the ring. However, if they are fake or CZ, they would catch fire immediately.

Kim Kardashian engagement ring

Soon after the show Kim tweeted ,”OMG u will NOT believe what Jay Leno did to my ring tonight on the show!!!! I almost cried! LOL.”