The Award for the Most Beautiful Ring

The most beautiful ring

What do you think about this ring?

When I first saw this design, I fell in love with it and am not exaggerating. It is so beautiful, elegant and so very different from any other design that I had seen.

Later what I read, justified my amazement. This engagement ring won Best in Show in JCK 2011 Platinum Innovation Award. What’s even more amazing is, the designer of this ring is no big name or someone who has been in the industry for years, rather a very young, 24-year old Michael Bartlett, who has just been in business for about a year and a half.

An associate designer at Stuller Inc., Bartlett’s design not only won in that particular category but also got the Best in Show honors. He said, “I got a little nervous when I realized how many big designers I was competing against," he said. "But then I heard a lot of buzz about my ring, so I wasn't sure."

A recent UL grad, Bartlett got married on June 25th just came back from his honeymoon on July 5th  and was already a celebrity as everyone at Stuller had heard about his winning competition. This Platinum Guild’s Association competition is the largest one in the country.

Set brilliantly with 0.625 carats of diamonds inside and on top of the ring. This platinum that ring resembles crown or may be ribs is estimated to sell for more than $6,000.

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