i went out walking under an atomic sky

thick cardigan with sheer black,  midi skirts, turtle neck, fuzzy sweaters, regal/Scandinavian hairdos, pretty flats.
images via cheapskate chic, doppelganger

Hello everyone. Finding myself caught amid the throes of final year currently. If there’s a not a book to be read before the evening’s out, there’s three academic articles to trudge through or a research proposal to waffle about. On top of that, there’s a newspaper section to edit and still trying to maintain something of a social life. Of course, it’s little blogeen here who's been bearing the brunt of it.
In addition, I feel sort of compelled to change the direction of the blog a bit? Yet I am not so certain where... it’s all a bit fuzzy... and this isn’t the best time to start thinking about a shake - up either.
I regret to say that for the moment blogging is going to be a bit sparse...but bear with me...   

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