I just wanna be a woman | Celine BITCH A/W 12-13

It's Celine bitch, or more specific it's Phoebe Philo. Oh god I love that woman, she is the goodness of modernization and she proves that again with an extraordinary, sophisticated and ultra-contemporary collection. First of all except the amazing the cuts, the colours of the collection and of course the so original mixed of different  fabrics like leather, fox, wool and cotton, I loved the images of the show. You know for me it's very important that part too, especially if we are talking about a presentations, a magazine or a video and Celine (or maybe the photographer of the show) succeeded in that part too. The movement of the images is so good, that I take the decision to create those collages, you know models in action or something like that! Now let's go back to the collection.  
Simultaneously sporty and tailored to create a new concept of elegance, but, above all, pieces that are desirable and ala mode, but timeless at the same time.Iconic pieces such as the cocoon coat, pants with cummerbund, or the nappa top discover new nuances and novel fabrics. We see an eco-sporty chic and a revistation of the masculine wardrobe that doesn’t take any femininity away from the pieces, but, rather, adds it, highlights it, emphasizes it. Silhouettes are architectonic, and slightly oversized. Colours are subdued: black, like white, mixes with florescent pink or with turquoise, with red, and with navy blue. Coming into play for a more modern look are leather martingale belts in front or back, zippers, inlaying techniques, and multi-colour geometries

Info & Photo: Vogue.it 

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