I want to feel the sun on my skin | The TR2 Summer survival Kit

TR2 is the latest project of AJENESAISQUOI/Bespoke, a specialized communication and design company based in Athens, Greece. TR2 the Kolonaki edition is a design and fashion concept store, with the main goal to provide to its respectful clients even more ungraded services, but for me TR2 is one of my favourite stores here in Greece, with high quality products, a grate taste of style and a bunch of incredible designs by Georgios Carabellas. Here I ve got few of my favourite new summer products of the store, just to give you a little taste about TR2 communication! 

Also, due of their new summer arrivals, I made a new TR2 logo, spring edition! Hope you like it! Details about the photos: Handmade tote bags from old reclaimed tents,  Denim long-sleeved T-shirt/mariniere for men. Handmade python skin briefcase bag. All designed by Georgios C. Carabellas. Traditional espadrilles from Spain, Design: Casa Hernanz 

For more Info visit: www.thissionr2.com

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