In a manner of speaking | The sneakers evolution

I think that, this might be the weirdest post I ever posted! Not only because of the title but also because of the way I mixed two different things! After all, all about this post and the subject that I am going to talk about, is combining things that don't make any sense! The title of this post and generally the post, is inspired by a video that I recently saw on YouTube, a video about a competition. But that's doesn't matter at all. In that video I saw sneakers and suddenly I thought that sneakers are the next big thing! I don't know if it's a trend, or something, but sneakers, the athletic shoes, have slowly, in some cases, replaced the classic dress outfit/heels outfit. The last days, I came up, many times, with street photos, or editorial photos, or collections too, that people, designers or editors prefer to use sneakers instead of heels in their dress-looks! 
To be more specific. What I see, what I want to see and what I love too, is a combination of old and new, a combination of old/classic with new sporty, a combination of sophisticated style and sporty style. For me it seems like an evolution. You know the sneakers, used to be the athletic shoes that we were wearing only at  the gym, but now, sneakers have been a part of the new urban/street style culture, not that they weren't a part of that communication, but now, they took a new role and new place. We see a different way to wear them, that  it sounds crazy or even kitsch, but that's all about fashion and style I guess, trying to be different and trying to create new forms of clothing!   

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