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Natargeorgiou was founded on 2010,  by greek cypriots Dimos Natar and Andreas Georgiou. Their first completed collection for spring summer 2012 was presented during Paris Fashion week at Carroussel Du Luvre at Tranoi.On February 2012 with the autumn winter 12-13 collection , they been chosen to participate as guest designers at Mi MIilano Pret-a-Porter’s Hothouse, as well showing at Caroussel Du Louvre, Tranoi during Paris Fashion week. Their collections can be found in New York, Dubai, Madrid, Taiwan,Bahrain,Kuwait,Beirut,Dora,Saudi Arabia,California and Nicosia. You really know how much I  love to meet new and talented people and Dimos & Andreas, are what I am talking about! I had the chance to have an interview with them and finally to "meet" the power duo! Enjoy! 

Tell me few things about your work.
We love working and experimenting with knitwear, as it’s a fabric we create ourselves and love combing it with other materials each season.We love the freedom and so many techniques the knitwear gives you to experiment with so many different yarns.

How you two did came together and took the decision to create your own fashion label?
We both had our own brand,  and after meeting each other at Cyprus Fashion week where we been both participating we decided to make a joined collection and try a different market ;Our first complete collection was showcased at carrousel du louvre in Paris.

Sometimes, collaborations can bring some difficulties, what about yours?
We both work in different ways, but that’s what actually worked as one complements the other , and many if not all  the times, one starts one design, and the other one finishes it.Thats usually after many disagreements and small fights but the best outfits come after some major disagreement.

You recently been featured in for your last A/W12 collection, how awesome is that?
Was great news , especially when the article was about new talents and fashion designer’s scouting through out the Milan fashion week.

Talking about your last collection for A/W 12, tell me few things about the story/inspiration behind the collection.
Where art and fashion comes together, ‘Cross Stained’ – the fall winter 2012 collection, combines and manipulates colours and fabrics, in a demonstration of pictorial art designs so inimitable but yet timeless with lashings of elegance and individuality. inspiration derives from the gothic yet astounding art stained glass windows decorating Italian and French Cathedrals. Colours such as deep purple and dark blue are combined with flashes of pop vibrant orange, so well blended like an art painting. The - trademark - knit is this time altered and transformed in a shinier striking version blended with metallic yarns, pure organza, light chiffons and exquisite soft cashmeres, eagerly embellished with handmade beaded leaves.

With you work and designs, what do you want to represent to people? What's your ideology?
We try to always show something new in our collections , though keeping our trademark , and making clothes that last in time, and somehow always be above seasonal trends.We love to experiment with knitwear, which  is something we create ourselves, and combine it with different materials every time.

What’s your opinion about Greek Fashion industry?
Now it’s the worst time ,but like in the past the greek designers will make a strong comeback with an even stronger fashion industry and fashion week.

For your autumn-winter collection 12-13 you been chosen to participate as guest designers at Mi MIilano Pret-a-Porter’s Hothouse,   as well showing at Montaigne Tranoi during Paris Fashion week, describe me those two experiences!
We been really lucky and thankfull to Mi Milano prêt-a-porter that invited us to participate as guests to their tradeshow at the hothouse part. Milan is such a major fashion capital and known for its professionalism. It’s a city that is very difficult to break through and is mainly not giving opportunities to young designers like London or Paris does.Montaigne Tranoi on the other hand  is such an amazing venue on the Montaigne avenue, held in one of the oldest buildings In Paris and the atmosphere is really an ispiration just by itself. If you compare the two tradeshows you can only say that Tranoi attracts more international buyers especially through Middle East and Asia.

What do you believe that is the “Future” in the fashion world?
Fashion is interacting more and more with the IT world, where in the future we will see more  domains where fashion can play a key role.
Fashion is at the forefront of technology usage, new materials are used in textiles and accessories, and technology development is accelerating quickly, so fashion designers will have more resources in the future

Are things going for you the way you have dreamed of them when you first started?
We are both the type of characters that wake up in the morning and want more and more .As this was our second complete collection and after exhibiting at Milan and Paris tradeshows , natargeorgiou can be found  in 9 countries, with ,stores like Harvey Nichols, S*uce in Dubai , La Mode Zone in Kuwait, and now we just signed with a showroom in London and a press office in Milan, so fingers crossed it all goes extremely well ;but we never stop dreaming.

And that exactly what we all what you to do!

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