The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out | Balenciaga A/W 13

I still  remember the last time that I saw a collection inspired by space, last year Christopher Kane with his resort collection for 2011 blow up me mind and stole my heart with his collection which was full of nebula prints. This time Balenciaga and the artist Gonzalez Foster has designed an immaculate, futuristic, and disturbing space – the virtual headquarters of the offices of an imaginary Balenciaga Corporate Company whose Big Boss is Nicolas Ghesquiere, an enormously talented designer. Gattaca, Blade Runner, a vision of a future millennium seen from the eyes of the 80s, a time capsule suspended in space. Gonzalez  mixed up the old time space view with the future fashion, he pushed the fast-forward button and continue to nudge fashion a little further ahead
 Extremely sharp tailoring and oversized proportions:  exaggerated, important shoulders and ample volumes; laser-cut coats and jackets closed by belts, strings, or zippers; oversized sweaters printed in animalier motifs are stylized and worn with high-waisted pants that are gathered at the waist or with stiff A-line skirts; chiffon dresses with rubberized trim, sleeves in metallic jersey, and printed padding; blouses in stiff cuts and with oversized shoulders tucked into loose, high-waisted pants that are gathered at the waist; sharp-edged strapless tops with patent leather pencil skirts. In the same time, as I was traveling to space and making the collages of the post, suddenly the lyrics of the song Cosmic Love by Florence and the machine came to my mind, so I thought why not to make a playlist to accompany this awesome collection? And  here it is! 

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