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Vogue UK, April 2012, When you think young the world belongs to you, Bruce Weber.

 Today I spring - cleaned. Beginning of study month and all that. I also went shopping and bought the white brogues above. My mother said they were 'nurse's shoes'. Whatever. They're kind of half way between a runner and a brogue which in my opinion, is rather delightful. And it's such a relief to get a way from stuffy boots and grubby Converse now that it's spring . They're Clarks which makes me like them a little bit more because I associate Clarks with school-shoe-shopping-nostalgia and practicality and not really being 'fashion'...a good thing, I think.  Sunglasses were purchased too because sunglasses are one of my favourite things and these are kind of retro and a little bit like a pair I broke some years back. That is the awful thing with sunglasses - they break and they break and they break once you carelessly toss them into your handbag without thinking. Post - shopping, I randomly did some home hair - dying. Now, I am not sure how it goes for everyone else, but hair dye doesn't appear to take to my mane. I had visions of perfect peroxide (indeed, any time I get my hair done I think it will turn out like a Debbie Hair do). Alas, the reality was a disappointment. Slightly more golden, and 'slightly' might even be pushing it..  but at least, there was the sort of smug thriftiness that goes with spending only €8 something on the bottle. And then later on, I finished a painting that had been languishing on my desk with weeks. And everything felt rather well in the world again.
At least for the moment. 

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