Interview with Six Lee | Meet the 4FSV Participant

Only one day left for the big event of OzonRaw Magazine 4FashionShake V and one day before the big show, I had the chance and also the pleasure to have a small interview with Six Lee, who is going to participate tomorrow night at Pallas Theatre. You know, it's not the first time that I a had an interview with Six, he had been also one of my guests, at my column Ozon Teen, back to November, this time we talked about 4FS and what he is going to present us tomorrow night! Have a look! 

How do you feel about being a participant at the 4FashionShake V?
Well, actually I was kind of surprise when I got the invitation from Danai, as you know it's normal to get invitation for fashion event in Big Fashion City, such as London, Paris and Milan. It's really my pleasure to be here to discover other international fashion city, which is very inspiring. 
And actually I do know that people in Greece are very interesting in my work, so its a great chance for me to come here and show the totally feeling and story of my F/W 2012 collection.
Plus, I am meeting a lot of nice people here from Ozon Magazine, which I really enjoying and appreciate it!

Tell me few things about your work and Six Lee Label
I would say classical but yet cute, playful, innocent but sophisticated at the same time. Also going for a bit of elegant. I guess that's what my personality really is, like sometime very serious but twisted with a sense of humor and a bit fun. My character can be described as overly romantic and poetic, sensitive and contemplative. These ingredients are reflected in my collections; adjectives like thoughtful, elegant, contemplative, clever, romantic, classic and futuristic, dreamlike and playful. 

What do expect to gain from 4FashionShake?
Well to be honest, I really didn’t except anything. I mean I just want to treasure the chance to be here, to show my work to people who are interested at my work, to have a closer connection with the interesting people I met here. That would make my life experience and inspiration more wide. 
Tell me about your inspirations and your influence in your work!
I normally build up a collection by telling a story. The collection in general have lots of things and people I found to be inspiring. Let's just say that all the things around me or happening around me like poems, songs, lyrics, movies, art, stories, state of mind or even just a bit of a thought. I don’t really look at fashion sources. I am trying to be as original as possible by researching costumes from all over the world, absorbing their cultures & life styles. It's helped a lot to understand what's clothing is all about. As we can keep questioning on ourselves, what we like about it, why the peoples have to wear that in that period of time. Seeing things that already exist, bring them to a new level of life which is right for this century and more further. I am seeking for an ultimate goal for every season but also combine them with wearability.

As a designer, what do you want to offer to the fashion industry?
I think myself and my own point of view. I am still growing and growing in every way as a person, mostly like how to get the balance, such as how to get the balance in life, in love and in my work. The brand direction would still be  a contemporary dandy. Fuelled by my love for a hybrid cultures, a story telling and traditional British tailoring. Equally important im my approach is the constant quest for innovation. The designs are always looking for the now and tomorrow, even if they are inspired by historical or classical references. The key elements stay as: elegant, contemplative, overly romantic, classic, futuristic, dreamlike, poetic, sensitive and contemporary. 

What are you going to show us on Tuesday? 
I am going to show the video which I made with Belgium Photographer Zeb Daemen. And the collection of SixLee F/W 2012 with "Ensemble" . Not only the clothes itself, also with the mood, music and story to let people could feel my creative and imagination world.

Thank you six, and good luck for tomorrow night!

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