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The Row resort 2012 - This is a rather excellent display of pattern on pattern on pattern, Charles Anastase s/s 2009, Anastase boots, further CA 2009 - the tights, Random mish-mash layering - grungy pattern mixing at Joseph resort 2012.

I was flicking through family holiday snaps from some years back when I stumbled on photographs of my sister wearing a particularly fetching striped Topshop sundress. Immediately, I was inspired to dig the garment in question out from whatever forgotten corner it resided in. I need not have searched too hard as I found it neatly tucked away in said sibling's wardrobe, and luckily, she was willing to pass the dress onto me.

For me, it seemed almost like the natural thing to pair the dress with striped tights. I am not quite sure why this is, but it just seemed to make sense. I like the idea of layering pattern on pattern - there's something playful but confrontational about it. It's a would you say...WTF.. but this can only ever be a good thing (or at least in my opinion!). The striped tights and overall silhouette has its roots in Charles Anastase's s/s 2009 show - an absolute favourite collection of mine. In that particular collection, I like how it's both very feminine in a traditional turn of the century manner but at the same there's all this transparency and sheer under skirts and suspenders - it's confusing. While I've not taken the hold-ups and suspenders on board, I did want to channel some of that confusion. My friend said my tights were 'zany'. I was delighted!

Dress - sister's (Topshop from a good few years back), tights - H&M, Boots - Topshop, Top - Zara, belt - River Island

- B U T T E R F L Y !

The time has almost come!
The biannual Vogue Bamini Fashion Show is this Sunday October 2nd @ 12:00 pm at the Javits Center in NYC opening the ENK Children's Club Show.

When our Editor in Chief, Giuliana Parabiago announced the Butterfly inspired theme of our Fashion Show, it wasn't difficult for the Vogue Bambini team to start our crafts at the Conde Nast Intl offices...we just adore every small detail when producing our Show event !

Butterfly "Confetti"

Butterfly because is symbolizes change. Because it reminds us of Spring and this Fashion Show is dedicated to a preview of what is coming up for the next Spring/ Summer 12 season by the designers:

Andrew& Audrew, Baby CZ, Blu Pony Vintage, Cape Clogs, D&N Kids, Floatimini, Fournier, Kate Mack, Millions of Colors, Snopea, Umi, Zutano.

Hope to see you there!

Enjoy the new ENK Children's Club advertorial photoshoot!

It was a day in July at the Hudson Studios when Anna Palma and her team shot the ENK Children's Club advertorial for the Sept./Oct. VOGUE Bambini issue.

How to dress with your BFF (Best Friends Forever)?
Check out a preview of the SS 12 collections from Floatimini, Snopea and Zutano..
Two great finds for the new season are the D&N Kids lunch box and luggage and the amazing Cape Clogs for kids!

Also below a making-of photo:

We really enjoyed working together with Anna Palma, all the brands and the beautiful kids! Great times!

- New Cover , New Season //

Our September/October Back to School Fashion issue is Here!
Everyone, get your pencils and lets mark some great Fashion Styles 
that are featured in this issue!

Cover photo by Elliston Lutz


Skirt - River Island, Top - UO, Jacket - Next, Scarf - gift.

I wore this outfit out on Sunday night, and due to a wardrobe malfunction wore it pretty much again the following day, just changing the top to a very similar one.

I think this sort of encapsulates the desire I had to transform the full-length skirt into something I could wear all the time, not just at night time events (see here). I like the idea of clothes being suitable for both day and night which can be manipulated quite easily to suit any social situation. Currently, I am bored of the notion of an entirely separate night - wardrobe, and am harbouring a fondness for a more subtly - toned wardrobe with simple pieces that can be styled up or down.


Bandage tights - Penneys, Boots - Topshop.


Jeffrey Campbell kitteh-print booties.

I'd happily be a mad cat lady if it meant wearing these. 

to a room with some lace and paper flowers

Photos by Emmet Curtain
Here are some pictures of a painting I was working on at Societies' Day in college. Quite busy at the moment what with that back-to-college-rush. Promises of more wordy posts shortly.

Vogue Italia September 2011

The Discipline of Fashion
Date: September 2011
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Model: Stella Tennant

Vogue Italia August 2011

Giorno e Notte
Date: August 2011
Photographe: Steven Meisel
Model: Raquelo Zimmermann

Vogue Italia July 2011


Date: July 2011
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Models: Juliane Grüner, Anais Pouliot, Kelly Mittendorf, Sun FeiFei, Antonia Wesseloh, Emily Baker, Josephine Skriver

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