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As 2011 draws to a close, it’s only natural that one takes stock of how their style has progressed over the course of the year.  Like Ana, I feel that my style has matured. Despite my love of anything ‘old’ or ‘vintage’ inspired, Betty Draper, put – together style, full skirts and fantasy fashion, I’ve always (and particularly in recent years and even more so in recent months as I will elaborate upon shortly) appreciated the practical mode of dress to a great degree. As much as I admire and to some degree covet, fancy and put – together ensembles, it means little to me if they are impractical and unsuitable for one’s day to day activities.

In the dying days of 2011, I wore my Dad’s old jumper a lot...probably too much even, my  cropped leather jacket, battered boots, wrap scarves, boxy blue bag nabbed at the Zara sale, stretchy black mini skirt, a desire to wear lots of knitted layers, denims and kooky jewellery and I am still looking for the perfect 90s' black spaghetti - strapped dress . A while ago,  I expressed my wish to wear outfits that could see me through from day to night by means of a quick slick of plumy lipstick and a sweep of smoky shadow. And let’s face it, I’ve always felt, with the occasional exception of a chunky or wedged heel permitted, like a bit of an idiot in vertiginous heels.

I concede that I am still partial to a sprinkle of sparkle and feminine frocks, case in point my Christmas post, but I am inclined to admit  that this is becoming  less and less so. I feel oddly faithful to voluminous skirts (I’ve rambled here and here about them, and probably a dozen times before), but right now, they are becoming a little incongruous within my own style. I hope that doesn’t make me some kind of fashion traitor – I guess what I mean is, I am becoming more aware that you can like something, love something even but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear it.

I feel a little more boyish in my style. And like I’ve grown up. And maybe, that has happened too? I want to dress in an inventive manner but one that doesn’t compensate practicality too much. For example, on a snowy day two weeks ago or so, I saw two girls wearing knee high socks with miniskirts in college. No tights. This kinda shit is not on. Backwards step for the women’s movement and all.  Put some fucking tights on.  It's snowy - geez. Annnnyway, my point is, it is a much more impressive feat to dress well without forsaking one’s utilitarian needs.  In addition, it is the little details – cut, buttons, fabric, the perfect accessory - that I am particularly invested in now, and I take this as a sign of my style maturing.

In 2012 I want to be a little more frugal. A little more thrifty and a lot less mega – store (ie. Topshop). I want to be a bit more certain of my style and a little less apologetic if it so happens to change. While taking risks and being creative, has always been at the heart of my fashion philosophy, an appreciation of something more subtle, modest and practical is taking my fancy for the year ahead too.
Happy New Year!

Building The Perfect Brow

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I am obsessed with a full brow, my motto when it comes to brows is "the thicker the better". There are a vast amount of beauty products on the market to achieve this ever so coveted brow. Below are some of my staples that help me achieve fuller brows. 

Building The Perfect Brow

Click to see where to purchase

Teenage Dream (not the Katy Perry Song) | News for Obsession in Vogue the Magazine

Today’s post is dedicate to my new project, or kind of project, Obsession in Vogue the Magazine. As I already announced you on my twitter account, the first issue of Obsession in Vogue is going to be about teenagers, flowers and fertility. So I found some awesome pictures from Style Rookie blog to show you what I mean. Inspired by my teenage life (which is almost over) I connected Flowers as a symbol of youth and innocence and fertility to create the perfect atmosphere for the born of my magazine and the born of a new generation of fashion. I am super excited with the whole project and I am working really hard about it. Finally tomorrow we are going to have the Photoshoot for the first issue's cover and I think it is going to be my new year’s present for you.  By the way I would like to thank you for your support, it means a lot to me.

Kate Middleton’s sapphire and diamond earrings from Diana’s collection

On her first royal Christmas, Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing a gift from her husband. The diamond and citrine drops were an elite choice for such a grand and religious occasion. But this was not the first time she was spotted wearing jewels given by her husband.
Diana-Kate Earrings
She already wears the sapphire engagement ring presented by Prince William. The ring was once belonged to William’s mother Princess Diana. After wedding Prince William also presented his mother’s sapphire and diamond studs to Kate which she wore for the first time when she attended a tennis match at Wimbledon. The studs were among Diana’s most prized and favorite jewels and she wore them quite frequently before her death.
Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
Princess Kate followed suit by wearing the earrings more often during her trips to Canada and the United States. The fashionista has given a modern touch to the earrings by having them remodeled into hoop earrings.
The earrings hold heirloom sapphire in the center surrounded by diamond rounds in a halo style and are the perfect match with her sapphire engagement ring that has the same design.
Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Catherine loves to carry simple and stylish flair. She has a very classic and trendy wardrobe and knows exactly what she should don for a particular event. This sense of her has made her the most photographed female of England. There is no surprise that the jewels in her collection are adding the substantial quality to her already photogenic fashion forward yet classic style.

Happy 2nd Birthday Bittersweet Vogue!

On the 29th December 2009, during my afternoon in which I was home alone I decided to start this blog. I named it Bittersweet Vogue. Don't know exactly why I called it this way but I think fashion is sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet + the name of one of the magazines which I love. Now I am happier than ever. I am attached to it. It's something you do with so much love. But all in all I want to thank to the amazing followers I have! THANK YOU, GUYS!

Crossing Lafayette on Astor Pl NOHO …… Manhattan NYC

Just Walking

wm knee high boots burnt orange coat blue scarf ol 

Blending some color into Downtown/East Village winter style.
Tall boots, knee high or above, appear to be winter must haves
They are every where


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Absolutely nothing fashion related. It is just so good being home finally.
Look at the weather. I want it to be like this 365 days a year. Screw snow.
On a day like this, I always realize how much I love my hometown.
I feel so happy and relaxed...
love, Mila

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Wedding Wednesday: Central Park Wedding

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! I spent my Christmas vacationing with my fiance, which turned out to be one of the best Christmas holidays I had in a long time. What better way to get back into the swing of things with none other than a Wedding Wednesday post! I am getting married in eight months and I am literally drawing inspiration from everywhere to plan my wedding. I will definitely keep you updated throughout the process. I love the concept of a classic wedding with dramatic influences, this wedding does an excellent job of combining both. 

via style me pretty

62nd Between Tenth and Columbus Upper West Side …… Manhattan NYC

Furs Flying

w fur coat white scarf aviators print heels - ol 

As the weather gets colder. Fur is coming out.


    I have a new obsession. I totally love the new CW show Ringer! It’s mysterious, fun and overall intriguing. The creators of the show are amazing and of course the talented Sarah Michelle Gellar is also amazing only someone who her raw talent can pull of such a difficult role.
    It's a must watch show! Not only because of the actors (oh, THE ACTORS - Kristoffer Polaha, Ioan Gruffudd, Justin Bruening, Billy Miller and so on...) but also - the wardrobe, mainly of SMG.

Princess Kate’s First Royal Christmas

It was her first royal Christmas and Princess Kate outshined with her pair of diamond drop earrings. She was looking stunningly gorgeous in her imperial magenta frock coat teamed with made-to-measure hat from Jane Corbett and black platform from LK Bennett. But it was her 18k diamond and citrine gold drop earrings probably a Christmas gift from Prince William which added understated charm to her already beaming looks. The dazzling pair of earrings was reportedly cost £ 1,900. Kate was beaming with the diamond shine while going for the church services.
Par6740950 Round-Sapphire-and-Round-Diamond-Teardrop-Earrings_SE0306S
More than three thousand pair of eyes were admiring the 29-year-old Duchess of Cambridge as she walked down to St. Marry Magdalene church to attend the community service on Christmas with her husband and other members of royal family. The Queen, Countess of Wessex, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry, the Duke of Cambridge, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice were other members of royal family who attended the church services at Sandringham.
queen-Elizabed-2-with-Pearl-Earrings-and-Brooch Round-Akoya-Cultured-Pearl-and-Diamond-Tri-Top-Earrings-in-14k-White-Gold_SE0159PR
The Queen opted for a lavender wool boucle coat, upon which she pinned a diamond shell brooch with pearl at the center. Zara Phillip, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie were also looking gorgeous and elegant in their ensembles.
During the services everybody prayed for the queen and royal family and this time especially for Prince Phillip who was fitted with a stent to treat the blocked artery on Friday.


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parka MISS SELFRIDGE dress SHS sweater ZARA boots NY bag ZARA
Hello lovelies!
I hope you spent great quality time with your family and friends!
And what is next? New Year!
I am so looking forward to it since I am going outside Croatia with couple of my best friends.
Now I am in Split during these holidays, enjoying my hometown, hanging out with my friends, going out, not sleeping, dancing, eating my moms food, enjoying the sun. And getting ready for another surgery I have to go to. Than I am done with the hospital. Hopefully.
Fashion related stuff. I got this great leopard print parka at a huge Miss Selfridge sale! Definitely a great buy. And I think Zara sales start today! Happy happy happy me.
love, Mila

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still in pyjamas

Chelsea boots and seasonal colours via Coggles Streetstyle, Leonardo's pentimenti drawings are a new obsession of mine having been lucky enough to view some up close in the archival room of the British Museum, Kirsten Dunst being all free spirit-y with flowers in her hair and flora boasting tee, Minimal artist Eva Hesse - I am not one for minimalism usually, but Hesse (both work and artist)  fascinates me, The Hermitage Museum, St. of these days I'll get there.

Blah Blah Blah with Stain Magazine | Stain Magazine Issue #2 Oblivion Time

 (Photo credits: Idea99)

Last week Stain Magazine's team made a great presentation of their new issue "Oblivion Time". We had the chance to meet better the team behind the magazine, who told us everything about their new issue and the ideology of the magazine. Also many artistes that participated in the last issue talked about their work and their collaboration with Stain. Expect of that,was screened the video "Third Rose" which written and directed by Thanasis Tsimpinis and the team of the magazine showed us their brand new site, which I loved. Enjoy the photos and the video "Thrid Rose" 

Don't forget to check the new site of Stain Magazine
Stain yourselves 


The creamiest knit with black bow, Smoky eye palette, Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir perfume, Nostalgia in Vogue Book, Diary from Eva, White Lindor (I am a white chocolate obsessive), satin bra. 

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