Marilyn Monroe

KIV Street - Luscious Lips Boutique

2. Polka Dot Tank Top , RM 32
3. Printed Bows , RM 20 *SALE*

Their misson is to To help all the ladies out there to style up their wardrobe with the latest fashion/trend at an affordable price!Purchase 2 pieces and above, FREE POS LAJU SHIPPING ; Purchase 1 piece, FREE REGISTERED MAIL! New and sale item can be combined!

Mr. FRED Fab

Blog Shop : Gentlemen Closet

MR FRED fab, for those gentlemen in preppy. 

Note: It is 100% authentic. 

Killer Accessories

4. R079 Quartz Ring , RM 19

Blog Shop : delirious

All those pop eye and classy touch that makes it spectacular! 

New In

Poise & Vogue New In White

All white! Skirt and jeans from Massimo Dutti / knit from Zara

Dose of Inspiration - Kitchen & Dining

1. Handle Me  2. Peas Pass the Salt and Pepper Shakers  3. Comicalu  4. 3-D Toile Full Apron 
5. Cake Candelabra  6. Tea Sub  7. Bubo Cookie Jar  8. Ice Pop Mold
What's cooking? We've been spying on those creative, fun yet useful kitchen ware,
make us wanted to cook! Share with us with your recipe!

Have a greet weekend!


SHOP NOW AT Project Love

On Broadway Just Above Houston Nolita …… Manhattan NYC

Shopping Day

c black leather shorts leopard print scarf studded sandles print tees ol

No matter what the temperature a scarf is always a great way to dress it up a bit
and of course the leather short are Dope

Maybe one of the weirdest time of my life!

It's one of those posts, when you don't really have to say something, but you really want to. It's that feeling that  you have, when you want to say so many things, but again, you don't know how, because your mind is full of shit thoughts, a lot of shit thoughts, and you feel so week to control them and organized them. That's exactly how I feel the last two weeks and this was a try to explain not only to you, cause you may don't really give a shit about what's going on my crazy mind, but also to me. So this post is not for you, it's just a personal post for me. When you are a blogger, sometimes you think that your blog and your readers are your friends (no I am not a forever alone guy, if you think that) and you want to talk to them and express your feelings and your worries with a post like this. So, let's try it again...
The last two weeks, I think about so many things, and don't ask me the reason, because I really have no idea. Things like sex, religion, love, politics, happiness, friends, career and fame. First I thought that maybe it's just my teenage worries, but then my teenage years are almost over. Oh it sounds so bad, but yeah, next week I wouldn't be the 17years old fashion blogger but just another adult, who is trying to find his self, organize his life and maybe trying to find the really meaning of being a human. Then I think, that maybe that's the reason for all these thoughts: adulthood. Who knows? (certainly not me). Thinking is bad, that's my only conclusion for tonight and right now, I remember what my friend Bonnie Stranger used to say: People are strange and I am another stranger in this absolutelyfuckingamazing life! Goodnight my friends...

P.S: Hope you liked the collages.

Maboo wooden sunglasses.

Verde Styles - an artistic t-shirt company - represented series of Maboo sunglasses that made of wood. Handcrafted from the natural veins of Bamboo, these sunglasses combine lightness, comfort and quality to make each pair unique and very desirable. Each pair comes with a scarf featuring the artwork of artists like Steven Harrington, Parra, PAM and others.

Weekend Inspiration: Bettina Prentice's NY Apartment

You can't help but to find inspiration in Bettina Prentice's eclectic apartment. I am usually drawn to very open and airy spaces, however I love the way Bettina uses her apartment to showcase her most prized possessions. I also love the way she keeps her apartment from looking over cluttered while still showcasing a vast amount of vignettes.

via vogue

Cheat One

1. Collar Necklace , RM 16
2. Collar Necklace , RM 16
3. Eyelash EYE-019 , RM 7
4. Fake hair band , RM 3.50
5. Japan Bun-Brown , RM 18

Blog Shop :  cuteclip

Sometimes, we need a lil cheat one to hide our impersonation. 


Alexander Wang Anais Metallic High Heel Pump trio

Oh these shoes. I have always been a big lover of everything A. Wang does but my obsession with these shoes is growing bigger and bigger. These beauties come in four colors, metallic silver, light pink, dark blue and black. I have my eye on the light pink ones. There is something so special about them because they are ultra modern but with a touch of vintage. At first, they dont look very comfortable but would definitely be worth suffering.
Love or hate?
love, Mila


Want this Sweater from LABS?

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Oh yeah,
It's from BURBERRY.
Only 5 pieces available!
So we bet it's a plus point? ;)

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