If there's one night when every woman wants to sparkle, it is New Year's Eve. But you don't have to spend a lot of money to get some high-wattage looks. Veronika Melnyk, the Jewellery Expert for, shared a few ways to accessorize for the shiniest night of the year.


"It's all about statement jewellery," Melnyk says. When it comes to accessorizing, she says it is also important to have a theme and stick with it.

The Vintage Look, With Statement Ring and Bangle Bracelets

This look highlights the statement ring with vintage flavor. Veronika says lots of lace and old-world style jewellery layered together brings a modern edge to classic pieces.

"Keep it as artful as you can," Melnyk said. "You can really get that vintage chic look without breaking the bank." All of the bracelets are in the $60.00 - $150.00 range.

The "vintage moment" was completed with "a lace clutch, and a beautiful freshwater pearls bracelet."