A wedding should be the materialization of the fairytale dream a woman has been conjuring up since she first touched tulle at age six. It should be whatever she wants it to be, from a blown-out extravaganza to a romantically quaint ceremony on the beach. But within all this fantasizing, there are a few rules such dreams should slide into.
Weddings are separated into specific types, from ultra formal to casual, and to avoid confusion for the bride, groom and guest, here's the to do's and what-not to do's for wedding wear:
Ultra formal
The ultra formal wedding decks out the ceremony in flowers and bows. Almost always held in a church, this wedding includes a whopping six to 12 bridal attendants and just as many groomsmen. Each detail is supervised by proficient florists and decorators and the gargantuan dinner reception is prepared by expert chefs. The bridesmaids' dresses are long, the bride's is longer, and the men might even wear opera hats.
One step down brings us the formal wedding. Such ceremonies are usually held
in a church, but a home, garden, ballroom or private club can also prove to be the right location. You'll find just as many bridesmaids and groomsmen surrounding the happy couple at this wedding, but the formality of dress has fallen down a notch. Rather than leaving the event exclusively in the hands of the professionals, the mother of the bride may also take an active role in the organizing. God send or curse? We're not sure.
No need to book the church for a semiformal wedding. Your home, your garden, a hotel or a club will do just fine. You can cut back on the wedding party (unless you're filling up the garden), decorations and number of guests, if you'd like, making the planning process a wee bit easier. The ceremony can be followed by a small reception, often organized by the bride's mother and her relatives.
Just like Fridays, weddings can go casual, too. These daytime ceremonies welcome just one maid of honor and the best man up front, and decorations are optional and minimal. Guests are whittled down to relatives and close friends and the event is usually held just about anywhere you'd like. The reception afterward is also up to the couple, but if the wedding is held at home, a small gathering is usually expected to follow the ceremony.