MOTHER OF THE BRIDE: Jewelry Do’s and Don'ts

Next to the bride herself, her lucky groom and their wedding party, you will likely get a fair amount of attention your daughter's ceremony and the reception. Keep in mind too that you will be one of the stars in the wedding album. You want to be remembered by your future grandchildren for your hip fashion sense, not your hip replacement. Take a few tips from us on how to look your best when your little girl says her vows.

1. DO: Wear modern accessories
Fashion-forward jewelry Is not about abandoning the classics. Current styles – cascade earrings, lariat necklaces and charm bracelets
– have all been seen before. The trick to merging with the next generation is choosing pieces that feature colorful, interesting gemstones. Use them to bring out your eyes, pick up on a subtle color in your dress, or tie your ensemble into the wedding's color theme.

DON'T: Wear cheap ones
Don't confuse quality, contemporary, handmade jewelry with something you can find at a teenager's boutique at the mall. The basis for all beautiful jewelry – from that adorning everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Madilyn Monroe and Eleanor Roosevelt – is a sophisticated use of gold, goldfill and sterling silver, freshwater pearls.

2. DO: Celebrate your youth
Jewelry can be a great way to shave a few years off your bone structure. Pay attention to the shape of your face when you choose earrings – chandelier or cascading earrings flatter and fill negative space at the base of a heart- or oval-shaped face, while studs and short dangles elongate a round or square one. Neat, delicate necklace styles pick up on the curves of feminine collarbones, while long pendants distract from fleshier shoulders.

DON'T: Relive your youth
Resist the temptation to celebrate a little too much and go easy on the champagne. No one wants to pick the mother of the bride up off the dance floor – least of all the bride.

3. DO: Match the wedding color theme
Giving consideration to the photos and to your highly important role in this event, it's appropriate for the mother of the bride to include a small reference to the overall wedding theme. This is done most easily through gemstones, which come in all variety of color intensities and hues. For a subtle tribute, don a link bracelet with a single stone that dangles at the clasp. More conspicuously, pendant necklaces and cluster earrings can be customized to the color of your desire.

DON'T: Match the bridesmaids
Avoid choosing an outfit that matches the bridal party – or worse, clashes with it. It's best to distinguish yourself on your own terms.

4. DO: Keep colors low key
Depending on the wedding style, you'll have a lot of choices to make regarding the material, length, print and warmth of your outfit. Give yourself a break on at least one decision and avoid ostentatious prints and patterns altogether. Weddings are classified by simple, solid colors, and as an honorary part of the wedding party, you should follow suit, so to speak. Pick a color that looks good on you and then glam it up with accessories, as described above.

DON'T: Wear white
Or off-white, light tan, pale rose blush, or any other color that could be confused with white from a distance. This is your daughter's day, after all. Don't let anyone forget it.