A Pink Head Girl & SALES

   Hello everybody. Today I had a really busy day studying and I needed so much to make a post. Don't know why, maybe to relax or feel creative again. You know that sales have been started? I had no idea! I checked some of my favourite online stores and I found so many really beautiful pieces with really great prices and of course I wanted to share them with you. 
   Ok, you have to admit it. Are they just to DIE for!? How can you "NO" to a Acne College Montreal - A Classic long sleeve cotton pullover with printed front, to a Nike Winter Camo Rucksack from Urban Outfitter or to all these amazing pieces from Asos? How can you resit?It's impossible! (I think my shopping mania is out, again). I love them and I want them all and you know, when I saw the prices (especially of that Acne pullover I was really like "I want them ALL") Just like that: 
   But anyway, I know I can't get them all but, I am sure some of them are going to be mine (Acne pullover, I am coming for you!). Expect of my shopping shock, cause of the sales, I also found that site called 8tracks, where you can make your own music list, add your own cover and it's pretty cool. So this is my first playlist  with some of my last favourite and top listed songs of these days. The inspiration of the playlist was that photo of the pink head girl (maybe a prostitute) so I chose some songs that a pinkhead girl would love to dance.

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