What would really had happened if I was actually there | Prada MFW12

Hello everybody, it's been a while since my last post, but now I am back with a huge post about Menswear Fall/Winter 12-13. The last two weeks I was so focused on menswear collections and thanks to Internet and some awesome sites like: nowfashion and style.com, I felt like I was in the front row of each show. Last Sunday the first heart attack came from Prada. Miuccia is a genius, we all know that, and her last menswear collection approved that, again. The show was spectacular, with great music, a red carpet,which we all loved, and full of stars including: Gary Oldman, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, and Jamie Bell. When I was watching the show I am so excited about the show, Image what would happen if I would actually there in real and the only thing that I was thinking was: "Prada she did it again". It's impossible the fact that Prada haven't disappointed me for the last 3 years and I don't really know how she is doing that. But anyway the show was really good as I already told you and the collection was a mix of old time classic style, inspired by the old good gentleman from London with the taste of  future fashion. I love the fact, that Prada takes an old style and transformed it into a new one, creating  the new image of the gentleman of 2012.   
Style.com and Tim Blanks said that "Fall 2012 is the Season of the Suit." but after all we are talking about menswear and suit is quiet obviously but is true too, especially for Prada. Generally we saw white collars, lapels, patterns, mature guys and brooches. But let's see what Tim Blanks said about the collection: "A parody of male power," Miuccia declared backstage. The power was palpable. That giant carpeted red square (which in itself seemed like a conscious echo) felt like the flooring in a conference hall in one of the palaces where cabals of diplomats and military men once met to decide the world's fate at a turning point in history. The formality of the collection offered exactly the sort of clothes you could imagine them wearing: double-breasted suits buttoned high, astrakhan-collar coats, pinstriped jackets with a flower in the buttonhole. The men who wore such things would surely have valets, a point that was made clear when models stripped to the kind of crisp white cotton underwear that an Edwardian gentleman's gentleman would have recognized. 
So I create some funny photos just to see what would happen If was there. I used some outside vibes from now fashion and here you can see me waiting for the show with some friends posing for now fashion lends and another one with my fabulous fur. Just for fun! Enjoy!   
 Photos via Style.com & NowFashion.com
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