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(that's me as a white gangster from the 90s, YO)

You know that I don't usually do post like that, I mean about movies and etc. but Yesterday I watched Dangerous Minds which is an American drama film based on the autobiography "My Posse Don't Do Homework" by former U.S. Marine LouAnne Johnson, who took up a teaching position at Carlmont High School in Belmont, California, where most of her students wereAfrican-American and Hispanic teenagers from East Palo Alto, a then-unincorporated town at the opposite end of the school district. I remember that the first time I had watched that movie was few years ago when I was just a little boy and I didn't really understood a lot about the plot but after all I never forgot the soundtrack of the movie "Gangsters Paradise". So yesterday I took the decision to watch that movie again and thank god I did. A really good movie that inspired me a lot and also made me cry. Well yeah that's true bitches that shit made me cry!
   Louanne Johnson is an ex-marine, hired as a teacher in a high-school in a poor area of the city. She has recently separated from her husband. Her friend, also teacher in the school, got the temporary job for her. After a terrible reception from the students, she tries unconventional methods of teaching (using karate, Bob Dylan lyrics etc) to gain the trust of the students. And that wath she did. The whole movie is about that poor areas of America and the bright students that lives there, trying to survive to that cruel world and of course the  mew teacher (or the white-bread, Michelle Pfeiffer, I love her)  is there to make them believe that they can do it, that they can graduate and that they can make their own future! Very moving and touching epsecial when Emilio died (SPOIL), oh yeah, I was crying with the whole class too. Also it was a great chance to travel like 18 years back and know a little bit more about 90s and I am not sure that you can call me a 90s kid because I was born in 1994 so.....but whaterver, I made this post because I felt so inspired by the movie and the 90s culture, black people, gangster and fashion, so into that mood. Thanks all I guess. Kiss bitches! 
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