Farewell Zelda from The Urban Vogue ….. Manhattan New York, NY

Bon Voyage Cher.   We know you won’t forget to have some fun

Zelda Kaplan group ol  

Zelda Kaplan ol  

95 year old Zelda Kaplan died after collapsing in her front row seat at the Joan Mastroianni’s runway show
Wednesday.  The former ballroom dance instructor and champion of women’s
rights, refused to be defined by her age and was always a club kid at heart.
She was a regular at Fashion Week and a fixture at the renowned (now closed) Bungalow 8 nightclub

A 2003 HBO documentary about Kaplan, “Her Name Is Zelda,” follows her metamorphosis from housewife to champagne-sipping night owl.

She was a fabulous New Yorker.  A true Original.  Perfect Exit.



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