"The past isn't dead. It isn't even past" | Jeremy Scott's Teenage Room

Fashion week for Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 has already begun, and as usual (and because I am a fashion blogger of course) I checked what's going on with the last collections. Suddenly, Jeremy Scott knocked me down with his big 90s wave. Jeremy's collection clearly dedicated to the nineteens trash style, or may say cheap and kitsch, was one of my favourites. I loved the 90s concept, the colours and the prints, such a playful, fun, free and eccentric collection, so Jeremy's style I guess. I think that it's like entering to Jeremy's teen bedroom back to 90s, full of Simpsons & Britney posters. Also the main inspiration was internet and how we transmit information today. For sure a collection which travelled us back to our sweat childhood memories, something that we all may want to do but we can, or can't we? "Things don't ever go away now," he said. "Deleting history isn't really possible." 
Jeremy Scott’s theatrical, surreal club-kid wear was like a jolt to the senses. His pop-y Technicolor bright stripes, stars, peace signs, emoticons and cartoon graphics were almost like a palette cleanser in a way, throwing all of the conventional takes on luxury that preceded it into sharp relief. This wasn’t exactly a wearable collection. A bodysuit emblazoned with Bart Simpson graphics and a silk chiffon dress with an oversized two-dimensional unicorn leaping across the bodice, aren’t the stuff of sellable collections in the traditional New York sense. But the show had a sense of risk and daring that stood out and has to be admired, even if some of the ideas did border on the gimmicky.
More literally, there were sweat suits, stretch dresses, and leggings printed with computer screen shots and instant-message emoticons. "We use them to communicate our emotions," Scott explained. "I'm angry, I'm happy, I'm horny, I feel kind of flirty. That's now a legitimate answer." It wasn't Scott's most wearable offering, but it did confirm him once again as a provocateur. 

Credits: Photo's by Vogue.it & Dazed Digital. Info by Vogue.it & Style.com All the Collage by me. 

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