Outside Milk Gallery The Blonds Show New York Fashion Week Feb. 2012 Chelsea …… Manhattan NYC

Some Interesting Comings and Goings Part 1

1 long flower print coat ol

2 m1w all black short black leather cape spiked wrist band ol 

6 mw blue-grey plaid pants grey short trench grey scarf black fedora silver varvatos high top converse ol

3 m red pants green quilt vest green top coat sunglasses stripped pork pie hat ol

4 m all black fur jacket high rolled cuff jeans platform boots  ol

5 m black jeans shirt platform boots grey long under sweater crop sleeve black blazer ol

7 t pink bow head piede grey fencing jacket patterned black stockings 2 ol

8 m beige pants and jacket light brown platforms ol

The Blonds Show at Milk definitely attracted a very interesting group of
attendees.  This is just the start.   Will have more soon

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