You go back to her and I go back to black

(Vintage Vest, Black turtleneck from Pari, Black Trouser, Shoes & Chain from H&M)

In a Black mood, with my bad habit and with a dark mood, yesterday, thanks to my friend Ada, we took some photos at my roof for a "look at me post". I wanted to dedicated that post to Amy Whinehouse and to Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture collection, which was dedicated to her, I am not a big fun of Gaultier but I really liked the idea, but then I heard about Whitney Houston's death and I was like: "What's going on?". But if you think about it, February is the Dead month. It has something like a curse. 3 years ago on 11.2.09 the great Alexander McQueen gone and now, 3 years later on 12.2.12 Whitney Houston. What's wrong with you February? A really sad story, it's true. I was big fun of Whitney Houston and her sudden death was quiet a sock, to all of us I guess. So let's dedicate to all the big big talents that gone so sadly. They will be missed. 
(Collages made by me)

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