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Hello lovelies!
First of all, I apologise for not posting, but I was at home with my family and friends. And some of them I didn't see in couple of months so to be honest I just didn't feel like posting, I wanted to be with them 100% of my time. And I was at home only for three days so I wanted to use those days the best that I can. I hope you understand.
And to all the bloggers, do you sometimes just feel blank, you don't know what to write, you don't feel like taking photos and stuff like that? Well I felt that way these last couple of days, absolutely blank!
On the bright side, I did some pretty great shopping back in Split. One of the bays was this bag. I really wanted a sliver clutch but all of the ones I saw were too small for me since I love big huge bags. So this messenger clutch bag was perfect. And it has a shoulder strap too and that is really important to me. I love this trend with silver and gold bags, shoes, clothes. Those pieces are definitely fun and kind of hard to play with.
love, Mila

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