Dose of Inspiration - Fashion Illustration

KIV feel so artistic this week as we are so inspired in to the distinctive association with style and beauty of the fashion illustration world. I mean look at these illustration below, each of them of their own unique style.
Left Nadia Flower, Right Petra Dufkova

Left Laura Laine (my personal favorite OMG), Right Akari Inoguchi
These illustration below are drew base on the KIV header.

Royston k

We are so inspired and get into our arty side.... and.......... I SUCK! OMG!!!!!!! I drew like a freaking kindergarten! ERRRrrr... so shameful! Okay, i think i should leave it to the pro, fashion illustration as much as i wanted to be my thing but... NO... >.<

Maybe you guys should try and email to us! Who knows, maybe we will update our header with your awesome illustration ;)! Have a greet weekend and have fun!

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