Dose of Inspiration - DIY Rope Bracelet

So.. one random weekend, true story  (>。ヘ)

As i mentioned before, most of the items purchased at Daiso.

 Things to prepare -
 MUST - Any type of rope, kordel or utility cord.
Lighter, Scissor, D-lock aka Hiking lock, Craft Cord (I used the left over from the Mr.ducky pack)

Optional - Pliers, Silver chain, Masking tape.

Start off with cutting 2 pieces of rope.  (Right Pic, just another option with difference material take. Cutting each one pieces of difference color of rope. Wrap and twist, with the help of masking tape secure silver chain with rope at the end of the rope.)

It's very hard for me to put in word, overlap the rope.
Pull the rope from under and up through the bottom rope and pull.. 
erm... make any sense?

 Pull the rope through the D-lock. You can either tide a knot or make a knot with the craft cord
and start wrapping, end with a double knot.

Cut and burn the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying.

 You are done! The one from the left is using the exact same method just
different color and material, please refer to the picture number 2.  

From left,  Tri-Patch, Rope Sailor Knot BraceletNeon pink knot rope bracelet, Suzianne bracelet
Without going through all the hassle, you may purchase your rope or braided bracelet as above.
Have a greet weekend!

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