Picking The Perfect Jewelry Gift For Wife

Jewelry is considered the perfect gift for a woman. And birthday, anniversary and holidays are equally perfect occasions for gifting a piece of her choice. By simply paying attention to some details, you could easily find a meaningful and sparkling jewelry present that can delight and impress your wife.
Firstly observe her likes and dislikes about jewelry. Figure out which metal she prefers the most. Also know her special liking for gem stones. See her collection and try to figure out if she is thinking to add the same stone again or wants a different one this time. Generally ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite are the favorites. Diamonds of course hold their exclusive position in every collection. You can also go for her birthstone or your coming anniversary stone.
Emerald-Cut-Aquamarine-and-Diamond-Ring-in-14k-White-Gold_SR0149AQ_RegPear-Ruby-and-Diamond-Earrings-in-14k-Yellow-Gold_SEY0101RG_RegSignature-Charm-in-18k-White-Gold_SC0118_Reg   Round-White-and-Brown-Diamond-Encircled-Palm-Tree-Pendant-in-14k-White-Gold_SD_SP0118D_Reg
Once you decide the stone and metal, select a jewelry category. Decide if you want a ring, earrings, bracelet or necklace. This will help you in specifying your choice more clearly. A combo set like ring with earrings or necklace with bracelet could also goes well.
Now the next step in picking a perfect jewelry is to choose a design. Here you should keep her personal style in consideration. If she prefers simple, classic and fine style then an elegant diamond bracelet or studs will suit her rightly. If she is trendy and like the hot and happening style then bold cocktail ring or a bright colored stone pendant will be a perfect match.
While selecting a piece that she’ll admire for years, keep the language of jewelry in mind. Every stone, metal or design expresses something. Heart pendants, eternity bands or diamonds studs, they say without words. A three-stone ring for example express being together in past, present and future. Likewise a key pendant says the key to my heart is you! Signature jewelry or engraved jewelry also gives a personalized feeling.

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