Pirelli Calendar 2012 & Grace Jones?

Grace Jones - I've Seen That Face Before
   Hello everybody! Finally Friday, a really ward week is over and I found some time to make a quick post about the Pirelli Calendar for 2012 with Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Milla Jovovich and more, of course by the amazing photographer Mario Testino. When I saw the set of the Calendar I was really surprised. Usually, I am not a big fan of Pirelli Calendars but this years calendar is amazing. All the models are so gorgeous with natural beauty and beautiful natural scenes. (big fan of nature. True) 
   And now, what about the Grace Jones on the title, right? Well my second last days inspiration and also obsession. These days I made a big research about her life, her style and her music and the result is obviously... Can't stop listening to her songs! A really big and great persona, with a strong character
That's all for now. I know that I've been a bad blogger the last week (as my friend Joanna uses to say) but I'll be back soon. 

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